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Shomigo brings sustainability to the forefront by making it more intuitive and fun to shop locally online.

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Redefining Shopping

People everywhere are beginning to realize the importance of buying from local, sustainable businesses — not only does it reduce shipping costs and CO2 emissions, but buying from local businesses helps support your community and helps the environment. However, many people do not know how to find local shops. Our AI capabilities adjust your feed to reflect your preferences as well as products you may like based on your previous purchases.

Every product and business is unique and has a story behind it. Every dollar spent on Shomigo goes back into the local economy, helping it flourish. Not to mention, you’re helping the dreams of many entrepreneurs come true!

Our Values


When we buy from local businesses, we're supporting our community and helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Plus, local businesses are often more environmentally and socially conscious than big box stores.


We want to ensure that brands receive the credit they deserve. This is important because it helps promote fair competition and allows companies to be recognized for their hard work. Additionally, it ensures that consumers are able to make informed choices about the products they purchase. Too many brands are greenwashing and it has to stop


We believe that every brand has the power to make a difference in the world, and we're dedicated to helping them realize their dreams and reaching their full potential.


The more local stores there are, the more unique and diverse products there will be. This is because each store has its own individual selection of items, meaning that you're likely to find something different at each one. We hope this will allow people to better express their individuality.

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