Ten Products to Complete Your WFH Setup

Oct 26 2020 - 2 min read

If you worked from an office prior to COVID-19, you probably expected to be back in-person by the end of summer 2020 or, at the very latest, end of 2020.
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Welcome to our blog! You may ask yourself, why would a social eCommerce platform have a blog? Shomigo is founded on a vision: “To allow people to shop online with their friends.” But what does shopping online with your friends really give you? It gives you the ability to make the best purchases. You’re no longer at the hands of random people’s reviews or even fake ones. You can have those conversations you’d normally have through text or on the phone about the items you’re thinking about buying, without having to send thousands of links. So, why would we have a blog? For SEO of course! Just kidding. While we build this platform, we want you to get to know us, to trust us, to shop with us. Let us be your first friend on Shomigo!