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Brown Sugar Boba Candle

Haze Fragrance Studio | Toronto, ON

Enjoy the nostalgic bubble tea scent around your household!

With each burn of this boba tea candle, you can take in the warm and inviting notes of brown sugar, black tea, and rich milk. Not only does this scented candle bring back nostalgic memory, but it also creates a cozy atmosphere around your home. Let your senses be filled with the sweet smell of bubble tea that will linger for hours.

Notes: brown sugar, black tea, caramel, milk 

230 g / 8 oz
Burn time: 40-45 hrs

100 g / 3.5 oz
Burn time: 15-20 hrs


Hand-poured in small batches with passion & love in Toronto. 

Haze Fragrance offers an eclectic selection of hand-poured candles in unique scents and minimalistic designs. Our coconut soy candles are paired with crackling wood wicks and premium fragrance oils, providing long-lasting aromas. From fruity scents to earthy tones, our candles are vegan, sustainable and pet-friendly!

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