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LoveTO Valentine's Bundle

StoicBeauty | Mississauga, ON

Stoic Beauty presents LoveTO Valentine's Bundle

A collaboration with Stoic Beauty, Steven Tran Chocolates and Apothegeri. This bundle celebrates Toronto Local business, with a shout out to Parkdale, the Junction and Fort York. Send a loved one a package featuring the luxurious taste, touch & smell delights, while sending love to your favourite makers!

Smell - Sexy Time Candle

Apothegeri's Sexy Time Candle is a special edition of the popular candle range. Hand-poured with natural soy wax and premium fragrance oils, this candle will fill any space with its warm and inviting floral scent.  Delicate & Floral.Light this one up if you’re feeling fancy - a favourite of many. Keep this candle by the bedside for a sweet ambiance, or really anywhere where you're feeling yourself. Maybe it's by your vanity while you get ready for a sexy time.

Touch - Bath & Body Oil & Body Butter

Ousia Bath & Body Oil 

Perfect for couples massage, Ousia bath and body oil was formulated to provide excellent moisturizing and perfect slip & glide. With a shorter playtime than a spa massage oil, Ousia is perfect for the at home massage experience. It will absorb into the skin after 10-12 minutes, leaving a silky smooth, non-greasy feeling. 

Agape Mini Body Butter

With the sumptuous scent of coconut and cacao, this mini butter will get you date-night ready. Apply after shaving or showering for ultra soft skin.

Taste - Strawberries & Cream Chocolate

A twist on a Valentine's classic, Steven Tran's Strawberries & Cream favourite features 34% white chocolate couverture, real vanilla bean, and freeze dried strawberry. Perfect after a romantic dinner for two, enjoy this Paris-trained chocolate maker's delectable creation. 



Meet you in the Moment | Balancing Science and Artistry Stoic Beauty Skincare cares for your skin, whether you are on the go in a hectic city, taking time away in nature, or recharging your batteries at home, we are there to meet the moment of self-care nourishing rituals. Always natural. Cruelty-free. Water-Safe.

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